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Domains and Web Hosting Hampshire

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Domain Registration & Web Hosting



Your Website Domain
We purchase the domain and register it for you, however, you will own the domain. If you already have a domain and wish us to host your website, we, with your help, can transfer the existing domain to us or you can keep it and we will simply point it to our servers and host your website.

Choosing your domain
The domain is often the first thing your customers see of your company. We will find a domain that fits your business and is memorable. Your website helps establish your business’s brand and credibility, so let’s choose carefully. 



The Annual cost of a .co.uk Domain including the registration process is £10.00 per year + vat (Cost per month £.83 + vat). This cost, Domain Price Band 1, includes any domain that ends in .uk

The Annual cost of a .com Domain including the registration process is £20.00 per year + vat (Cost per month £1.67 + vat). This cost, Domain Price Band 2, includes and domain that ends in .com, .net, .org or .mobi

Top Level Domains (TLD’s) are priced accordingly.
(Please click here to see the information on Top Level Domains)



Once we know what type of website you want, we will give advice on the best package for you. Typically an information only website perhaps with a small gallery will fall in to the Standard package.

(Your total Domain and Hosting charge would then be a monthly fee of £8.00 per month including vat for hosting on a .co.uk domain or £9.00 per month if you have chosen a .com domain. The charge for Domain and Hosting and any relevant email costs is set up on a direct debit payment)

If you already know what domain you’d like then click here to let us know and we will kickstart your new website »

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us.


Your payment for Email services and Website hosting is paid to us via direct debit. We will be asking you for your bank account and sort code to set this up. Please note, if you pay us any of these instalments prior to us providing you with hosting services, this money will be taken off your final one-off bill for the creation of your website. (In other words, if for some reason the website build is delayed – your end or ours – and you have paid us for hosting when there is nothing to host, you will not lose out).


HOSTING COSTS (three simple Packages to choose from)

Standard –  £70.00 per year + vat (Cost per month £5.83 + vat)
This is normally paid to us at a rate of £7.00 per month (including vat) on a Direct Debit.

250MB Storage | 5GB Bandwidth/Month
This is our most popular hosting package, please speak to your account handler who will advise you.

Advanced – £150.00 per year + vat (Cost per month £12.50 + vat)
This is normally paid to us at a rate of £15.00 per month (including vat) on a Direct Debit.

1GB Storage | 10GB Bandwidth/Month
This option is for those of you who will require Downloads, large galleries over 50 images, if you want to create extra galleries, galleries within galleries, special features like live chat.

Premium and E-Commerce – £280.00 per year + vat (Cost per month £23.34 + vat)
This is normally paid to us at a rate of £28.00 per month (including vat) on a Direct Debit.

5GB Storage | 25GB Bandwidth/Month
This package cater for most E-Commerce platforms including our restaurant and takeaway options 2 and 4. It would include multi-language websites and those who have intranet pages and bespoke login features.

If you have already purchased your domain all we need from you to host the web files,  the content  that people will see when they click on your domain (your website address would look like this www.what-every-our-domain- would- go- here.xyz), is the C-Panel login information this is the user name and password that you used to originally purchase your domain and the company you used.

If you already have a domain and an existing hosting package set up and you would like us to take over the hosting of your website then all we need from you to host the web files,  the content that people will see when they click on your domain (your website address that would look like this  www.whatevery-our-domain- would- go- here.xyz), is the C-Panel login information (user name and password). We also need the C-Panel login information for the existing hosting company.

If you have already got a Domain and Hosting in place and you would like us to work on your website please send us the C Panel information (user name and password). If your existing website is WordPress we would also need the existing WordPress Admin username and password.

We reserve the right to charge a £25.00 + vat fee for transferring an existing Domain to our control panel / or to transfer a domain and also at the same time transfer the hosting of a website to one of our servers.

Hosting and our servers

We provide safe hosting using our secure Web Directions servers. Our web hosting charges are more cost-effective than many other well known hosting companies. Peace of mind is guaranteed – daily backups of your website, the highest level of internet security with anti-spam and anti-virus applications are all included.


Payment Options

Once you have selected your domain, hosting and email requirements we will collate into one, easy to understand price. This can be paid in annually in advance or via a monthly direct debit using our payment partner Go-Cardless. To set up the direct debit Go-Cardless requires your bank account and sort code details to allow us to take your monthly payments.

You will receive an email notification from Go-Cardless inviting you to accept this payment, alternatively you can set up these payments using the link below.

Cost-effective web updates

It is really important to keep the content of your website up to date and relevant. We understand that this can be time-consuming and expensive, but not if you purchase one of our Website Maintenance Plans. This is a cost-effective option where for a fixed monthly fee (paid via direct debit) you get your website changes and updates completed quickly and with the minimal amount of fuss. Make no changes to your website one month – no problem, the credit can roll over to the next month. This plan is available for all websites no matter what their size or complexity – contact us for more information and pricing.

Interested in email services?

Click here to find out about our email options



Meta Tags

Meta tags and metadata allows the website to define non-visible information about the website. Search engines can use this information to determine what information they should feature in the search results etc.

Alt Text

Stands for alternative text. This is the text that is displayed if an image fails to load and is also used for accessibility. If you are blind, your computer will read out the image alt text as a way of describing to the user what the image is portraying.

HTML5 Element Tags

HTML5 offers new semantic elements to define different parts of a web page which make it easier for search engines to locate and read relevant content on your site.


This is the non-customer facing, behind the scenes part of the website. EG, the code files and databases which make the website work.

Breadcrumb Navigation Paths

These are text links which show the user where abouts on the website they are in relation to other content on the site. If they clicked on ‘Link 1’ from the homepage, the breadcrumb on that page would display as ‘Home > Link 1’. You can then use these links to quickly navigate back to previously visited or other relative pages on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track pages on your website and monitor which pages are viewed the most, how visitors got to that page and how long they stayed on that page. You can then use this information to improve weaker pages and also to find ways to encourage visitors to come back to your website. Read more here.