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Lets Team Up

So… You’ve been running your business from your spare bedroom for some time now and you’re starting to get fed up with the isolation and struggle to separate work and home life. Sure, you take your laptop out to coffee shops once in a while but it never feels quite enough. It’s definitely time to start looking for a better place to work.

What’s the problem?

Serviced office providers are too expensive, corporate and stuffy for what they offer and these options want to tie you into lengthy inflexible contracts with chunky annual rents. Besides, what’s the point in spending all that cash if you’re only going to end up by yourself in a room? By far the best option if you’re a sole entrepreneur or a tiny creative team is to go down the route of friendly shared space, here at PDG that offers a sense of community allowing you to make connections you’d otherwise miss. It is also about co-working in an environment that feels comfortable working from.

Working together at The PD Group & Web Directions

Who are we?

20 years in the making PDG are a graphic design agency who also trade as Web Directions. We are based in Hampshire close to the A31 and M3 junction at Hook. We are looking for special people to help us a lile with the rent, while sharing our relaxed vibrant atmosphere. You need to treat it as a bonus but, if you are free helping us with the work as and when we need it can do no harm to us both. We can offer you a desk in an open plan area, an office semi open plan or locked to fit one or two people or a large enclosed 500 Square foot office with completely independent access. Whatever option you choose you will have at your fingertips all the facilities you would expect in a contemporary work environment.



Want to know more?

We’d love to have you round to our place and give you the guided tour.
Call us on 01256 863007 or email us at letsteamup@thepdgroup.com



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