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Promote your website

Business Cards

Let us produce your business cards so that they match your website design. We ensure continuity of logo, colours and fonts – creating the best possible impression with your clients. The examples shown below are double sided business cards, we always try to include your QR code so your customers can scan your new website into their tablet or smartphone.

These costs include both the design and print, but not logo creation.
Our standard business card is top quality 340 gsm white card (please ask for a sample).

250 single-sided business cards £39.00
500 single-sided business cards £49.00
250 double-sided business cards £59.00
500 double-sided business cards £89.00
from £39


Posters are an ideal way to let your customers know about your new website. Why not add a QR code to your poster so passers-by can simply scan it with their smartphone or tablet? Your website can then be viewed straight away, or stored for later.

The A3 posters are normally double-sided and laminated. They can be placed in the window of your Restaurant and Takeaway; seen by both passers-by on the pavement and your customers inside your premises.

Click on the posters below to view the websites.

1-5 A3 420 mm x 297 mm (double-sided) £7.50 each
1-5 A2 420 mm x 594 mm £9.50 each
1-5 A1 594 mm x 841 mm £15.00 each
1-5 AO 851 mm x 1189 mm £25.00 each

There is a one-off design cost for these posters from £35.00. Prices above exclude delivery.

from £7.50


Position a sign near where you are working to remind people of your website. Our UV and water resistant Foamex boards are great for permanent signage on or near the entrance to your premises, creating the best impression possible when your clients visit your business. A QR code is always a good idea and normally all that’s needed along with your logo, web address and phone number.

External signs are normally made from 5 mm Matt Laminated Foamex, our UV inks mean they will not fade in direct sunlight. Internal signs are normally made from 3 mm Gloss Laminated Foamex. If we have worked on your  business cards or other items already the artwork-set up charge for your boards will normally only be a one of charge of £40 + vat.  The production costs depend on the size of the board.  

A4 Weather proof Foamex signs £35.00 each
A3 Weather proof Foamex signs £45.00 each
A2 Weather proof Foamex signs £55.00 each
A1 Weather proof Foamex signs £80.00 each
Custom Custom large format signage/wraps Contact us for a quote!

We have samples here to show you, please visit us.

Digital Letterheads

It is important your business looks on ball when communicating to your customers. Your digital letterhead template can be used as an estimate, invoice, pricelist or maybe product specification sheets. Basically any information you may need to send to your customers can now be communicated in a professional way. We use your logo and brand colours to ensure consistancy across your business.

We can simply create your digital letterhead as a editable word document. You open it up on your PC, Tablet or smart phone, type in text and/or add images. You also have the option to convert the digital letterhead to a PDF, send it out in an email, or print it off.

From £50

Printing Services

We have comprehensive in-house facilities incorporating both Litho and Digital print. The price chart that follows, although accurate, is intended as a guide and costs are subject to change. For larger quantities that would fall in to the Litho bracket, please contact us with your specific requirements. Please ask for samples of paper to be posted to you.

Artwork would be an additional one off cost. We will keep the Artwork/Design costs to a minimum, often having already created graphics that have been used in the creation of your website.

Please note prices include delivery. All prices are subject to VAT where applicable.

Description Finished Size 100 250 500 1000 2000 5000
1/3 A4 Single Sided (170gsm Silk or Art-Gloss) 210 x 99 mm £60.00 £70.00 £90.00 £135.00 £160.00 £200.00
1/3 A4 Double Sided (170gsm Silk or Art-Gloss) 210 x 99 mm £65.00 £75.00 £110.00 £140.00 £165.00 £210.00
A6 Single Sided (350gsm Silk or Art-Glossy) 105 X 148 mm £60.00 £70.00 £90.00 £115.00 £180.00 £270.00
A6 Double Sided (350gsm Silk or Art-Glossy) 105   X 148 mm £65.00 £75.00 £110.00 £125.00 £190.00 £320.00
A5 Single Sided (170gsm Silk or Art-Gloss) 148 X 210 mm £65.00 £75.00 £95.00 £145.00 £170.00 £220.00
A5 Double Sided (170gsm Silk or Art-Gloss) 148 X 210 mm £70.00 £80.00 £115.00 £150.00 £180.00 £230.00
A4 Folded to 6 Page 1/3 A4 (170gsm Silk or Art-Gloss) 210 x 99 mm £150.00 £165.00 £200.00 £325.00 £405.00 £635.00
A4 Letterheads (100gsm Uncoated) 210 x 297 mm £65.00 £70.00 £80.00 £150.00 £190.00 £295.00


Email Signature Strips

Why not add your logo and contact details to a formatted HTML email signature? We design the signature to match your other branded collateral, and can even set it up on your computer, ready to use. It can either be just your logo, or we can compliment the logo with your desired contact details, social media and website links.

An email signature is a great way to present yourself to your clients and potential clients.

Below are just a few examples.

From £25

Working With Google

If you are thinking of asking us to assist in your quest to get the best out of Google, then as a starting point there are some simple steps you can take without incurring extra expense. In short you need to make sure that the keywords and phrases people will be putting into the search bar, are included in the text you are supplying to your account handler for your website, particularly on the home page. We recommend a minimum of roughly 300 words of well written text per page.

We call this organic SEO and you can find out more about SEO here.

There are additional services we can offer, that will help with your SEO (Google ranking and Search Results). They are as follows:

Google +Google Plus / Google My Business

Google+, often referred to as Google Plus or Google My Business is Google’s social networking platform. You should set this up from the start even if you are not going to be active with posts.

The main Advantages are:

  • If handled correctly it will make your perspective clients see your company easier as your companies details will appear on the right hand side of the search results. People will have another opportunity to click though to your website.
  • Because the information is indexed by Google, it assists your google ranking allowing more people to find you in the search results.

Our cost of £50.00 includes the setup of your Google plus account and also the initial upload of imagery (your photos/branding).

Find out more about our Social Media Services here.

Google AdWordsGoogle Adwords

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google search and its advertising network. It allows businesses to essentially pay to have their website higher up the rankings. If your AdWords ad is clicked on, users are then directed to your website and you are charged, out of your budget for the click. Google AdWords is a good way to give your website an initial boost on Google rankings, particularly if you do not have a huge amount of text on your website.

For us to manage a Google Ad for you, we would need you to provide:

  • Budget. How much you are willing to spend on the advert, per month.
  • What key search phrase you want to use for the advert.
  • What locations/regions you wish to cover (towns, or postcodes etc).

Please keep in mind that vague search phrases and larger location areas will be more expensive per click, as they will have more competition.

Using this information, we can then provide you with an estimate for how many clicks your advert will allow, in return for your combination of budget and search phrase. This will determine how long the advert remains active. Once you reach the click limit, the ad will be suspended until the start of the next month. You can of course deactivate the ad at any time.

The cost for this service is £25.00 one off admin fee, and then £50.00 per ad that we set up for you.

SSL Certificates

Click here to find out how an SSL certificate can also help with your Google ranking.



Meta Tags

Meta tags and metadata allows the website to define non-visible information about the website. Search engines can use this information to determine what information they should feature in the search results etc.

Alt Text

Stands for alternative text. This is the text that is displayed if an image fails to load and is also used for accessibility. If you are blind, your computer will read out the image alt text as a way of describing to the user what the image is portraying.

HTML5 Element Tags

HTML5 offers new semantic elements to define different parts of a web page which make it easier for search engines to locate and read relevant content on your site.


This is the non-customer facing, behind the scenes part of the website. EG, the code files and databases which make the website work.

Breadcrumb Navigation Paths

These are text links which show the user where abouts on the website they are in relation to other content on the site. If they clicked on ‘Link 1’ from the homepage, the breadcrumb on that page would display as ‘Home > Link 1’. You can then use these links to quickly navigate back to previously visited or other relative pages on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track pages on your website and monitor which pages are viewed the most, how visitors got to that page and how long they stayed on that page. You can then use this information to improve weaker pages and also to find ways to encourage visitors to come back to your website. Read more here.