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Your social media

Market yourself to a wider audience with social media

Web Directions can help setup your social media accounts, and design artwork for the profile and cover images so that all your business branding is consistent. See recent social media examples below along with details of the various social media platforms we can support.

Facebook TwitterGoogle + LinkedInPinterest  Instagram Youtube

10 reasons why you should ask Web Directions to help with your social media

  • Showcase your expertise and market your business for free
  • Imagery and colours to match your website and other branded collateral, shows consistancy across your business
  • Broadcast the benefits of your products or services
  • Build a community to support your business
  • Bring in new customers
  • Maintain contact with old customers
  • Interact with your customers, what do they like and want?
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Improve your website Search Engine Optimisation and in turn your Google Ranking
  • Promote events,  products and above all else, your brand

Initial Set up costs

Facebook is by far the most popular form of Social Media we are asked to work on. To set up your company Facebook page, like  www.facebook.com/yourtradingnamehere and also create your profile and cover images to match your website and overall brand, our one off fee would be £50.00. If you are to become the administrator of your company Facebook page allowing you to make posts, you will have set up a personal Facebook page and supply us with the email address you use to log in and your password.

If you have other social media such as a company LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or indeed any other platform, we would look to adapt your artwork, set up, and upload it for you for £25.00 per platform.

Note, we can synchronise your Facebook posts so they also appear on your Twitter page giving you less work to do while reaching out to a wider audience.

Regular Posting on Facebook and Twitter

If you also want us to make regular posts for you, we charge £20.00 per month. This would include two posts per month. (Remember once we have branded your Facebook and Twitter accounts, the posts can be synchronised to save you money.  Once posted on Facebook it will means the same post hits  your twitter audience.

Although we will have our own ideas and steer you in the right direction.  We would need would expect a high level of guidance to what you want to promote.

If you want us to research your market and create/copy write the posts for you then we would charge £60.00 per month. This would include two posts per month.

*If you want us to also update your G+ account and LinkedIn we will again an perfect understanding and supply you with a monthly cost.

Promoted posts, competitions and advertisements

In addition to simply making regular posts you could decide to take things a step further with promoted posts, competitions or advertisements linked to your Facebook. We would look to cost up separately each individual promotion.

Making your Facebook web address shorter

We are often asked how to get the web address of a Facebook account neater making it easier for your customers.

Got a question?

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Meta Tags

Meta tags and metadata allows the website to define non-visible information about the website. Search engines can use this information to determine what information they should feature in the search results etc.

Alt Text

Stands for alternative text. This is the text that is displayed if an image fails to load and is also used for accessibility. If you are blind, your computer will read out the image alt text as a way of describing to the user what the image is portraying.

HTML5 Element Tags

HTML5 offers new semantic elements to define different parts of a web page which make it easier for search engines to locate and read relevant content on your site.


This is the non-customer facing, behind the scenes part of the website. EG, the code files and databases which make the website work.

Breadcrumb Navigation Paths

These are text links which show the user where abouts on the website they are in relation to other content on the site. If they clicked on ‘Link 1’ from the homepage, the breadcrumb on that page would display as ‘Home > Link 1’. You can then use these links to quickly navigate back to previously visited or other relative pages on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track pages on your website and monitor which pages are viewed the most, how visitors got to that page and how long they stayed on that page. You can then use this information to improve weaker pages and also to find ways to encourage visitors to come back to your website. Read more here.