How it works

Prints your customer’s website orders automatically - no need to write out online orders!
Review your daily online orders and print a summary from the PC to the printer – ideal for end of day reconciliation
Orders are received via the supplied laptop direct from your website (orders can also be sent to a smartphone as backup)
Facility to review/reprint past orders
Orders are automatically printed out on the supplied compact printer, simply tear off and pass straight to your kitchen
Quick and simple set-up
PC and compact printer supplied in one box, pre-loaded and tested for your website
Full Web Directions software licence included

Useful Information

You must have Wi-Fi Internet on your premises to enable the PC and printer to work. If you have ordered a PC and printer from us, please download our easy setup and user guide by clicking here. Please note our PC and Printer is only guaranteed for one year from the date of dispatch.

As shown in the example, the printer will display a simplified version of the order email including the list of ordered items, delivery information, customer contact details, and any special requests from the customer.

PC and Printer for online takeaway order websites in Hampshire

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