It is important your business looks professional when communicating to your customers. Your digital letterhead template can be used as an estimate, invoice, price-list or maybe product specification sheet. As a result of this, any information you may need to send to your customers digitally can now be communicated in a professional way. We use your logo and brand colours to ensure consistancy across your business.

Digital Letterheads

from £65 +VAT

We can simply create your digital letterhead as an editable word document. Therefore you can open it up on your PC, Tablet or smart phone, type in text and/or add images. Also you have the option to convert the digital letterhead to a PDF, send it out in an email, or print it off.

How to use Your Digital Letterhead

Looking for a professional letterhead design to make your business communications stand out? Look no further!

A digital letterhead is an electronic version of a traditional paper letterhead that is used in digital communications such as emails. It typically includes the same information as a printed letterhead; company name, logo, address, and contact information, but is designed to be sent as a digital document.

We will create your digital letterhead in-line with your company branding. After approval, your digital letterhead will be sent to you as a Word Document. This will be your master template that you save to your computer, then edit and save with a new file name each time you need to create a new digital document. The letterhead design and layout will be automatically applied to the document, you are just overtyping on the letterhead background. The appearance of the letterhead will look feint when opened in Word as it is set as a background. When saved as a PDF ready for emailing, the background will be at normal opacity. We recommend you save the edited document as a PDF ready for emailing.

Download our sample editable digital letterhead template, click ‘Enable Editing’ and have a go at customising it yourself!


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