Transferring files to us couldn’t be easier!

We recommend ‘WeTransfer’ as a free and easy to use image and file transfer service.

Instructions for file transfer

WeTransfer is simple to use and won’t cost you a penny if your transfer is under 2GB. It’s a great way of sending large files quickly.

It’s quite simple, you just add the files you wish to send, enter your email address, and the email address of the person you are sending the files to. There is space to add a message if you wish, but this is optional.

Once you click “Transfer” you will see a small progress circle which will process your transfer.

Once the transfer is completed you will receive an email confirming that the transfer has been sent to the specified recipient and the recipient will have also received an email with a download link.

You will also be sent a confirmation email once the recipient has clicked the link to download the files you sent to them. The recipient has 7 days to download the files. After this period files are permanently deleted to make room for new transfers.

If you are sending us files out of office hours, for example during evenings and weekends and want to speak to us, please text 07885966085 and one of the team will contact you as promptly as possible.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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