Web Directions offers IT Support in the form of a cost-effective call out service. Whether you have stand-alone or networked computers we can help with most problems. Please email office@webdirections.co.uk if you have any issues.

Get in touch if you are having problems with:

Slow hardware, virus/malware infection(s), hardware upgrades, internet connection, broadband and/or wireless issues, or email setup.

Repairs and upgrades

Desktop PC’s and some laptops/netbooks/tablets

Upgrade RAM to increase responsiveness
Increase hard drive size to increase storage
Upgrade hardware graphics cards
Upgrade your optical drive to a DVD rewriter or Blu-ray
Supply external hard drives with automatic backup software
Replace failed parts due to power surges
Upgrade your surge protection
Spyware/Malware removal
Data recovery from hard drives

Need to upgrade your Windows OS?

We can help with upgrades to Windows 10. We can supply latest versions of Microsoft Office software as well.

Have you received new email addresses from us?

If you have had a new email address from us and want to set up a new email account on your iPhone or iPad please download our instruction guide here.

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