Please find answers to our frequently asked social media questions here. We hope make things a little clearer for you.

What social media sites do you work with?

All leading platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Can you help with setting up my social media accounts/pages?

We can brand your social media accounts, including cover photo and profile image. We can work with existing corporate identity, or can help create branding from scratch if needed. Please see examples here.

We don’t tend to get involved in the account creation stage, but we have found a lot of helpful guides online to help customers do this themselves.

What do I need to give you to get started?

We will need your company logo and suitable imagery to create the cover image for all pages. We will get these to you before any posting begins so everything is aesthetically pleasing and matches your brand, that will ensure you are giving the best possible impression when people view your social media pages. If we are posting on your behalf, we will need you to supply us with imagery of your products or services. If you don’t have suitable images, we have access to Adobe Stock a royalty free stock image library. This is a vast online catalogue of photos and illustrations ideal for social media posts. Posts also benefit from written content. This could be a product specification or a short description of the service being posted about. Often we can take this from text within your website. It only needs to be brief as characters are limited on some social media platforms. We will research and include relevant hashtags to help your post reach a wider audience. Nobody knows your products or services better than you do, but we understand that you may not have the time to prepare this. We can help with writing content with your guidance. This would need a meet, or telephone conversation to discuss this. This service would be quoted separately depending on your requirements. If deemed necessary we can quote you for the services of our in-house copywriter.

How does payment work?

When we have decided which service is right for you, we will need to set you up with an ongoing monthly direct debit using our preferred payment gateway Go Cardless. Your account handler will send you a link to register with Go Cardless and set up your direct debit. We will take payment a month in advance. It may be the case that, as we are perhaps hosting a website for you or providing other regular services, you have already set up a direct debit arrangement with us. If that is the case your payments for our regular posting services will been added to that existing direct debit arrangement.

How much do Web Directions social media services cost?

We can brand a social media account from £75.00 + vat, more details can be found by clicking here. For more information on our regular posting services please visit this page.

What should I be posting?

Posts will vary greatly from business to business. Whether you have physical products to sell or a service to promote, varied posts are key. You want to keep your audience interested in what you post about. A mix of product images / reviews / current affairs / relevant articles / charity fundraising etc are all great ways to make your company relatable. People want to know who you are, not just what you offer.

How often should I be posting?

We recommend around twice a week, but this can be more frequent if you have enough content. Really it is up to you.

Who answers any enquiries sent through my social media?

Our approach to social media is a little different to most other agencies. We believe your business is your baby, so we do not take full control of your pages. This helps to keep your costs down. We add the creative element to it through branding but you are still in charge of who you choose to connect with. Joining groups, and choosing who to follow is your choice. Likewise, we will not answer any direct messages on your behalf as we believe you should be the first point of contact. Any enquiry emails and /or notifications received will be sent to your existing email account. We recommend you also check in on your accounts on a daily basis so you can check on any activity. We will of course reply to, or like, any positive comments (rather than questions) made on any posts generated by us. We believe it is important you stay connected with your social media accounts.

Will I start getting more likes?

Likes are an important part of social media advertising, but engaging with your target audience should be your main focus. We can’t promise any specific amount of interaction, but we are here to help give you good quality noticeable posts. This in turn will keep your social media current and make your presence felt. If a company Facebook page is involved, please do not forget to ask your customers to leave a positive review.

How will I know the amount of people who have seen my social media posts?

If you have chosen one of our regular posting services, we will provide you with a monthly Social Media Reach & Engagement Report, allowing you to monitor the activity across your social media accounts.

What is the difference between a post and a paid ad?

A post is shared with your followers organically (something you or Web Directions will create on your own social media pages), and any users not following you who access your post via a hashtag or share. Posts do not incur any additional costs unless you choose to boost them with payment. This means the post will be visible to more news feeds to gain likes, shares and comments. A paid ad is like a post but is aimed at a targeted audience outside of your existing followers, based on selected interests and demographics. This is a way of specifically targeting users who may be interested in your business. Paid ad’s are charged per ad. Please visit our Regular Posting page for more information on this service.

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words or phrases added to your post text that categorize posts in to topics on most social media platforms. Hashtags start with the # symbol, like #WebDirections and don’t use any spaces between words or characters. Users can search for and follow specific hashtags so using them helps people find posts that interest them, so adding relevant hashtags will expose you to a wider audience. They don’t have to be about a specific topic, you can also portray moods and feelings or humour and irony, but they must be related to your post. We recommend using a maximum of ten per post. They can be inserted at the beginning, middle or end of your content. Please click here for examples of posts with hashtags in use.

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