Give your restaurant an online presence enabling people to view your menu online and increase business.

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YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SUPPLY A LOGO TO US. If you do not have a logo file to send us, we are prepared to cut out your logo from a scan of your menu. However, if you want your logo to sit on a clear background, or if you require other edits to the logo, then we will charge a one off £55.00 + VAT

Are there any additional charges?

YES, you will need to pay for HOSTING CHARGES and for your DOMAIN please see here and we recommend an SSL Certificate, please see here.

Are there any charges to update my menu each year?

YES, you will need to pay us (normally each year when you reprint your paper menu) £60.00 + vat for under 150 dishes (this is a min charge). If you have over 150 dishes, or have more than one menu on the website, then the cost we charge you to update your menu will be quoted to you before we update your website. The same applies if you’re asking us to add new dishes or want old dishes deleted. Please note our payment for this work will be taken from your direct debit after you have approved the menu changes on your website.

Option 1

from £188 +VAT

1 Page standard menu website

Get your business online with this great value website. A single page cost-effective solution. Your customers view your menu on screen, telephoning their order and paying on collection or delivery.

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