Why not add your logo and contact details to formatted HTML email signatures? We design the signature to match your other branded collateral, and can even set it up on your computer, ready to use. It can either be just your logo, or we can compliment the logo with your desired contact details, social media and website links.

Email Signature

from £49 +VAT*

An email signature is a great way to present yourself to your clients and potential clients.


*Your email signature will need to be hosted on the internet at a cost of £2.00 per month + VAT. This hosting charge will be added to your monthly direct debit or charged annually in advance if you do not have a direct debit set up with us. If you have existing hosting services with another hosting provider that you wish to use, we will need their contact details to give us access to that hosting.



Instructions to add your email signature to Outlook on your PC

When your HTML email signature is ready we will send you an internet link. Please find the instructions below on how to add it to your Outlook Email. If you are using an alternative to Outlook the instructions below may differ as to where your signature settings are kept.


  1. In Outlook, go to your signature settings for your email account and type out your contact details as needed (this will be different for each member of staff)
  2. In either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (NOT SAFARI) please click on the link we will have supplied you
  3. Select all (either right click and click ‘select all’ or press ctrl+a on your keyboard)
  4. Copy
  5. In Outlook, go to your email signature settings and click below your contact details
  6. Paste, then after paste click on the little clipboard that appears and select ‘Keep Source Formatting’
  7. Save and close
  8. Write your email as desired and your signature should appear that the bottom. If doesn’t appear automatically, select it from the drop down on the right of the compose email box
  9. Please send test to yourself to make sure all ok before sending to your customers / clients

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