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Can I visit Web Directions in Lockdown?

At the moment our team are working from home as per the UK Government Guidelines. We are offering Zoom meetings as an alternative. Please do not hesitate to ring us on 01256 863007, or if after hours one of our staff will have access to the mobile number 07885966085. (Text us and a member of the team will contact you back).

How long will it take & when can I expect to receive my website proof?

On receipt of ALL the website content from you, your account handler will prepare this ready for our web design team. Only when we have the complete content from you will your website be released to the studio. Content includes your text, imagery, logos, social media links and contact info. Web Directions will NOT start any work on creating your new website site until we have received your complete content. Incomplete content causes unnecessary delays and can lead to unavoidable extra charges to you before or after sign off of the website proof. Of course timescales depend on the size of your website and our workload, but typically a proof will be with you within 10 working days after the site has been released to our studio. You will need to approve your initial desktop proof before it is refined to work perfectly on tablets and smartphones. At this stage you will need to check the proof carefully on both a PC and a smaller device such as a tablet or smartphone to check the responsive functionality. If you have a specific deadline to go live with your site, perhaps for a product launch or opening, please be sure to discuss this with your account handler at the initial booking stage.

Are there likely to be any charges on top of my initial quote?

We build the initial website proof with the supplied text and images as per the agreed specification. Therefore time spent on changes/reworks to the supplied content that go beyond the initial quote/budget may be charged in addition, and will be based on an hourly rate of £55+VAT per hour. This is the same principal for artwork jobs such as business cards, brochures and email signatures etc.

Will Web Directions create the text for me?

Nobody knows your goods or services better than you do, but we are not all creative writers. You may have a family member or friend who can help you with the wording. A great tip is to look at what other people supplying the same goods and services have said, and use this as inspiration when writing your text. Please read our page regarding SEO before considering the text of your website. We can write the text for you, after a meeting or phone conversation, but we would quote for this separately. If deemed necessary the professional services of a copy writer may be needed.

Will my website work on all types of Smartphones and Tablets, as well as PCs and Laptops?

Yes, your website will be totally responsive and easily read by your customers on all devices. Your website is checked in all mainstream web browsers to ensure compatibility.

How long does it take for my website to appear on Google search results after going live?

It can take a minimum of a couple of weeks (normally 3-4 weeks) for Google to update it’s listings and recognise a new website. This is the same for recognising changes to a website. That said, please rest assured that if someone types in your website address directly into the url bar at the top of your web browser, it will display your website straight away.

Will my website be found if someone searches for my goods or service via Google?

Yes – but it depends on what the person is typing in the search bar. If you are expecting your website to appear in the first page of Google and numerous enquiries to start flooding in to your inbox from day one, it is not going to happen. It takes approximately four-six weeks for Google to start to pick up your website and, even then, where you appear on Google results depends on a lot of factors such as the amount of unique visitors your site gets, whether you have any reciprocated links to other websites and how well you’ve written your website text. Unless you are undertaking a Google AdWords campaign or paying for specialist SEO, you are certain to have a lot of competition to compete against on the world wide web. We are not an SEO company. If you want to pay a specialist company for your SEO the cost they charge will depend on your objectives, the size of your website, and the type of goods and service you are providing. We strongly recommend you think carefully about the content of your website and include in the text you are supplying the keywords and phrases your potential customers may be typing in to the Google search bar, this will give you the best possible start for your own SEO input and Google will in turn pick up these keywords and phrases. Please see our SEO page here, & Brand services here to help promote your website. Please can we draw your attention to this Google Account – Knowledge Panel Product that we can create for you or you can effect yourself after your website has gone live (instructions are on our own website).

Payment – how does it work?

It is very simple, we will send you two separate invoices. One invoice for your domain, email services, web hosting and other monthly services; basically all the services that are to be paid to us by an annual or monthly direct debit. The other invoice will be for the one off services we are going to provide to you such as the creation of your website, a logo, business cards, digital letterheads, printing and signage (we may ask you for a deposit or part payment before we can get started). Payment of your domain, emails and web hosting invoice is via monthly Direct Debit using the payment gateway Go Cardless. We simply take your total annual amount and divide it by 12 months with you receiving the invoice from us at the start of your time with us. Please note: We will not alter your Direct Debit unless you add or remove additional services throughout the year. If you would prefer to pay the invoice in full every year, we can still take the payment by annual direct debit instead of monthly payments. We cannot register your domain or set up the hosting for your website without having a regular payment set up. It may be the case that your website will take a period of time to prepare for the studio, complete and subsequently go live. If you have paid some monthly payments before the website is live those payments will automatically be reflected/subtracted back to you when you receive your one off invoice for the build of your website. This is often one or two months payments at £7.00 or £8.50 Inc. Vat. Please note that we reserve the right to retain hosting charges if the website has been held in the development stage for an extended period of time as a result of a delay your end. The other account, for the design of your website along with any additional one off services (business cards etc.) will be billed once completed and must be paid in full within 14 days. If we do not receive payment we may decide to take payment for the one off services via the direct debit that you will have set up by this point. Please be prepared for your account handler to ask you for a small deposit before we undertake any build and design work. If you don’t pay us, we may (it is very rare, we know less than 1% of our clients are cowboys) put this web page up on your domain until you pay us. Please note, if we do not receive payment from you within our standard 30 day terms (or other agreed credit terms) on very rare occasions we reserve the right to effect the Direct Debit arrangement we have with you to recover the funds due to us for you one off services.

What if I change my mind after placing my order?

You may have a change of circumstances; a lottery win, a golden job offer or you simply feel, in hindsight, you cannot cope with the basics (setting up your email address with the details provided or the editing of your website). Whatever stage you are at with us, you can cancel your services but we will require payment for the work we have done. We will automatically take payment from your Direct Debit initially, then cancel your mandate. If you have paid a deposit, any remaining balance after our costs have been covered, will be returned to you. For example, if you cancel the domain, something we pay for up front for a year at a time, the annual cost will be charged on to you. If we have produced any printed materials for you, but you have not had the website built, the print work will be charged but the website will not.

Why is my regular monthly hosting direct debit payment set up so quickly, and why do I pay it before my website is live?

Usually because you have asked us to purchase a domain. We purchase this in advance from Nominet, and subsequently pay them annually for your domain. Nominet is the UK’s domain name registry.

A reminder that if you have paid some monthly hosting payments before the website is live, those payments less the cost of the domain and email services (that Web Directions have paid for in advance), will automatically be deducted from your one off invoice for the build of your website. This invoice will be sent to you when you have approved the website and it is live.

Please note, depending on each individual scenario, that we reserve the right to retain hosting charges if the website has been held up in the development stage for an extended period of time as a result of a delay your end. If you have been sent a proof link to your website then we have been hosting the development version of your website.

What happens if I want to cancel my website and email services with Web Directions or move my services to another supplier?

We don’t sign you up to a contract. We hope that the level of support and service you receive from us will be enough to make you want to stay but we understand that sometimes clients decide to stop using our services. You are free to leave at anytime. If you decide to move to another supplier for hosting your website, email services or domain, we will assist you as much as possible to make it a seamless process, but we do charge a one off fee of £25 +VAT to cover the administration. As long as your payments are up to date we can simply email you the digital files, or supply them to you on a USB stick, or via We Transfer to give to your new supplier. You are welcome to view our terms and conditions here.

Do I need an SSL Certificate? How much does it cost?

You may have noticed that online security is on the rise and we recommend that you get an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) for your website,particularly if you have a contact form or online ordering. A lot of web browsers now are flagging up any website without an SSL certificate as unsafe so whilst it doesn’t stop people from potentially getting onto your site, it may put a lot of people off. An SSL certificate will display a little padlock in the browser to show that data collected through the website is secure. It gives users more confidence in you, and it may also help with your google search ranking, more information can be found here. The cost is £60 per year +VAT, paid monthly to us via the same direct debit arrangement as your domain(s), hosting, emails and social media payments.

Why do I need a privacy policy on my website?

Following GDPR, all websites should have a privacy policy. If you do not supply your own privacy policy, then we will use our generic one. It is all standard stuff these days, but you will need to read through this privacy policy to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to.

Can I edit/update my own website?

Yes, all our website are built using WordPress and can be edited and updated by you, the client. We will supply you with the username and password to enable you to change photos and text. However, we do ask our clients to leave the bespoke graphics, and any structural changes to us to amend for you. After your website has gone live, we can offer you a 1 hour training session where we will show you how to edit your wesbite. We also have a number of helpful user guides on our downloads page.

I’m not very tech savvy so will need Web Directions to amend my website for me at times – how does this work?

That’s fine, we are used to dealing with all levels of technical expertise so for our ‘novice’ clients, we always try to keep our charges low. You simply supply your changes to your account handler who will let you know how much they will cost before we go ahead. This work is charged by the rate of £55 +VAT per hour. Minimum charge is £25 +VAT.

Is it difficult to set up the email account provided to me on my devices? Do I have to have one?

There are a lot of different ‘smart’ devices on the market which you can use for setting up and accessing your email on and because of this we can’t provide instructions or assistance for every device but it is very straight forward to set up. We have user friendly guides for iPhone and Outlook on the download section of our website or you can use this very handy guide from Vodafone for setting up your account on most other devices. Simply find your device and navigate to the IMAP mail set up guide. If you have any issues setting things up and require our assistance, there is a one off £10.00 charge per mailbox. This is added to your one off costs, your invoice form us when your website is live. Often it is easier to take your device to a local computer/phone shop/IT support specialist. You will just need to take the details we email to you with you.

You do not have to have an email address associated with the domain as a mailbox, however it does make you look so much more professional. You have the option to have info@, hello@ or enquiries@your-domain-here.co.uk displaying on your website (and business cards) set as a forward to your existing email account (Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo etc.). Please speak to your account handler if you need any further clarification.

After Web Directions has secured (purchased) my new domain name (my www – website address URL) and while the website is being planned and subsequently created, will there be anything on my domain for people to see?

Normally we will display this page or you can ask us to create something bespoke for you. This would normally be your logo with basic message and/or your phone number. This would incur a one off £25 +VAT charge. Alternatively, FOC, you could ask us to forward your domain to your company Facebook page, if you have one, until your new website is approved.

If I have recently registered a domain myself, can Web Directions take this over so all my monthly payments are in one place? Will I remain as the domain owner?

Yes we can take control from your current supplier, but we cannot transfer your domain for 60 days from the date of your original registration/purchase. Although Web Directions will hold and manage your domain, it will still be owned by you. Any associated monthly costs such as hosting, email accounts, SSL certificates and domain charges will be combined in to one ongoing monthly Direct Debit payment.

Who owns my website and domain?

You do, not us. You will have paid for your website to be created so it is yours. Your domain is registered by us and kept on our master account, but it belongs to you.

Emails – how does it work?

We provide you with the email addresses you require but please be aware it is your responsibility to download and back-up your emails on a regular basis. We are not accountable for any loss of data due to a hardware failure. Once your emails have been downloaded into your inbox, they are yours not ours. If you lose them for any reason, we will of course try to recover them if we can, but it is not our responsibility. We are simply providing you with the facilities to use an email address and are ensuring the emails arrive in your PC, Smartphone and or Tablet. Read more about our email services here.

Who’s responsibility is it to add my new email account(s) on to my devices (PCs, Smartphones and Tablets)?

Unless pre-agreed or you have an IT support contract with us, it is your responsibility. We provide an email service which can be accessed via webmail, it is your choice if you decide to access your account via a third party provider/software. There are many different email clients you could be using (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc.) all with varying degrees of complexity. Each one has a slightly different procedure for email set up but we will show you where you can get instructions via the internet or you can take the settings we provide you with to an IT support company. We also have a number of helpful user guides for setting up your email on our downloads page.

Do you also provide printing services?

Yes we do, we print in-house on the ground floor. Please take a look at our other website www.printdirections.co.uk. Please note, if you are having business cards with your website these are printed on 400 gsm silk, Matt Laminated and 55mm x 85mm.

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