A good Google ranking can be invaluable to your business, and planning your website content prior to us building your website is key to achieving this. The keywords and phrases included in your website text will help Google direct potential new clients to your website. The aim is to achieve the highest ranking possible when searching for services and products that are applicable to your business.

Below is a comprehensive guide highlighting what we would like to do, and what you can do yourself when preparing the website content (your text) so you get the best ‘organic’ results without any costs involved. Unlike many web design and hosting companies we do not claim to be experts in SEO. We can work in conjunction with trusted partners or you are welcome to deal with a specialist SEO firm directly.

What you should include when writing your website text

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Your desired keywords and phrases

This is an absolute must. Nobody knows your business as well as you. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about the words and phrases they would be keying into Google when searching for a company providing what you offer. All these words and phrases need to be covered in your website, including your page titles and general site content. We advise including the strongest key words and phrases on your home page, normally as a summary of what you are about in a paragraph or bullet points.

We recommend a minimum of 300 words per page. The text should be well written and include some of your priority search terms.

Location specific keywords and phrases

Your location is vital. Including this alongside your services helps encourage new customers from your local and surrounding areas. For example, “ABC Company is a garden centre in Lasham, near Alton, Hampshire” or “ABC Company offer call out plumbing services to Basingstoke, Hampshire.” Please note: It can take up to six weeks for Google to read the text on your website and place you in search results. We cannot guarantee search results, as that will depend on what competition you have and the services you are offering.

For more guidance on writing your website content, please refer to our PDF here.

What we will do to help your website SEO

Our standard procedure

Meta titles, descriptions & alt text

Where suitable, we will include your specified key phrases into the webpage tags and image alt text. This text is not seen by the viewer but will be picked up by search engines as they scan your website for useful information. We will also submit the XML sitemap to Google.

Internal page linking

We recommend including internal links from one page of your website to another, where relevant. For example, if you have a page about your ‘Services’, you might consider allowing us to feature a link from that page to a ‘Testimonials’ or ‘Customer Reviews’ page. This helps your SEO.

External page links

Where possible and appropriate we can link to some external websites which are relevant to your company/industry. For example, if you are an accredited service provider, you could have a link to the main accrediting body’s website.

Social network links

If you have any social network accounts such as Facebook or Twitter, we will link to them from a common area on your website so they are easily accessible. Trip Advisor is also a useful tool if you are a restaurant or in the hospitality industry. Find out about our social media services here.

Want to make more of your SEO?

Google My Business

£50 +VAT

One off setup fee. A Google My Business account will allow you/us to include your business location on Google Maps, and on the right hand side of Google search results, which in turn will help with your search ranking.

Google AdWords

from £50 +VAT

Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google search and its advertising network. It allows businesses to essentially pay to have their website higher up the rankings.

Google Analytics

£50 +VAT

One off setup fee. We can set up a Google analytics account for your domain and implement tracking of your web pages. You will then be able to login at any time to see which pages are viewed most, and which pages are being missed/ignored.

Monthly Reporting

Variable price

Price dependant on report frequency and the size of your website. We can offer periodic reporting for you, broken down in to easy to read summaries and/or spreadsheets. This can be monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually.

Please note, the above information is offered as a recommendation only. We are not an SEO agency, however we do optimise the site to help Google recognise it. SEO is a constantly changing and evolving process/practice, which is influenced by many varying factors. We cannot guarantee your site will reach the top of search engine results, nor can we guarantee how long it will stay in the same position.

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