Selecting the right imagery for your website is a key part of the planning process. Not only will it make your site more visually appealing but it can help to build brand awareness and sell your product. It is important to have images that reflect your business or service.

We have a couple of great ways to ensure you choose the right images

Professional images

Adobe Stock is our premier image supplier of royalty free images with 1000’s of photos and backgrounds. This site is easy to use and prices start from only £2.50! If you prefer us to purchase these images on your behalf your cost per image would normally be £10 +VAT each. Either way it is a worthwhile investment, as once purchased these images can also be used in your printed material.

Click here for current UK price plans from Adobe Stock. By purchasing the images, you have flexibility in how you use them in the future. We advise you always read the Adobe Stock license page here.

Using your own images

If you intend to use your own photos for your website they must be supplied to us at a minimum resolution 72 dots per inch (DPI) and 1400 pixels wide. Or if you are planning on taking photos please bear in mind that 72 dpi is a low resolution suitable for web use. If in the future you are planning to use the same photographs in printed media (flyers, brochure or posters) then the images should be taken in a higher resolution, around 300 dpi. We can always scale down but not up, so if in doubt take your photos in the highest resolution possible. Giving us high-resolution images is easy. For more information on how you can send us your files then please click here.

Using images to make your business more professional

Using professional looking images sourced through Adobe Stock is easy, cost-effective and can enhance the look of your website. It is important to make sure the right images are chosen to fully reflect the professionalism of your business, and it’s products and services.

Want to add Audio or Video files to your website?

This is not a problem. We only need you to provide us with MP3 file for Audio or MP4 file for Video. Please be aware depending on the file sizes there will be an increase in your hosting costs. If you do not want to have an increase in your hosting cost but still have video(s) on your website then you can also upload your videos to YouTube. YouTube will host your videos for free and we will create a link to this video on your website. Please see samples by clicking here.

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